Bill Rizer has been called back to Galuga Island in this new spine-tingling mobile adventure; and this time he’s brought a new kind of help. When we last left our heroes they had conquered the alien invasion and three years later they have been called back to duty in order to defeat the Black Viper. With newly designed weapons, a brand new character and an even more persistent faction, Contra 4 promises to deliver an excellent mission.

* Along with classic Contra character Bill Rizer, Contra 4 features a new playable character, Solomon Caesar
* Seven never-before-seen levels
* Pack serious heat with five weapons: machine gun, laser, spread
rifle, fire gun & crush gun
* Upgrade your weapons to create an intense arsenal
* Dual Machine gun: fires two streams of bullets
* Ultra laser: thicker beam
* Giant fireball gun: fireball gun that causes enemies to explode
* Double Spread: fires five-group spread
* Take the fight to five different bosses: Wall Fortress Boss (reminiscent of classic Contra), Giant Alien Boss, Big Tank Boss, Robot Missile Launcher Boss and the Black Viper


SE 176*220

SIE 240*320

NOKIA S60V3 352*416


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